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I absolutely love my sessions with Heidi. Her appointments enrich my week with positivity and the right perspective to surf my quantum waves. I feel more centered and less anxious since we started working together and I really appreciate the quality one on one time I get. Heidi creates a really safe and comfortable space for me to express my needs manifest my goals and actualize my dreams.

I have noticed some really great results from her neurofeedback and life-coaching sessions and am excited to continue treatment and learn healthy ways to maintain what I have experienced and learned thus far.

Candice M.

I started Neurofeedback as an alternative to using prescription drugs and to treat the many symptoms related to my ADD.

After trying many different kinds of drugs to treat the never-ending problems and diagnoses, I realized that I wanted to shift my dependency from medications to dependency on myself. Neurofeedback gave me that option.

Not only did it help to re wire my brain but also raised my awareness of the many different holistic alternatives. These alternatives complemented neurofeedback and gave me the help and options I needed to identify, understand and take control of my actions, and my life.

Heidi became a friend and I am very grateful for her help.

John C.

“I have been seeing Heidi Seastrand for Neurofeedback treatments and healing for several years now (probably over 30 sessions). These sessions have been more helpful to me than any other modality or prescription I’ve ever tried and the best money I’ve spent in pursuit of health.

My issues involve Autoimmune Thyroid disease, Adrenal Exhaustion, terrible fatigue, migraines and depression and all the side effects that go with those conditions. My son also was completely cured of debilitating migraines using neurofeedback. Only when I’m receiving regular neurofeedback treatments have I noticed such improved energy levels and clear thinking and the best part is there are zero side effects.

Also, when I was getting several treatments a month, it was the only time I was able to lose weight effortlessly. Since the brain controls every function of the body (metabolism, immune system, digestion, everything!), treating the brain FIRST, before other symptoms is the wisest move and can keep you from trying all kinds of disastrous and expensive medications that really don’t work that well. At first, it may seem difficult for you to commit money to such a non-invasive modality, but you will see results very quickly and they speak for themselves.

I love seeing Heidi for treatments because she is such a sincere healer, full of light and love. And though the results of the sessions are lasting and I only occasionally need a tune-up now and then, I wish I could see Heidi all time. She truly has a special healing gift that has given me hope, literal strength and joy to live a full and happy life. I’m confident that whatever your symptoms and diagnosis may be, Neurofeedback will help you.”

Deb K

I feel more open to being positive and overall feel more positive about myself and how I feel in my body. I’m definitely happy with my treatment!

Kelly F.

My journey with Heidi started with me being diagnosed with chronic insomnia, ADHD, anxiety, and depression. As soon as we met I knew in that instant she could help turn my life around. After several sessions with her the neurofeedback helped me sleep much better and regain my focus.

Her life coaching techniques helped relive the anxiety, depression, and negative self image of myself. She truly pumped me up for life. What sets Heidi apart is that she truly cares for her clients. I had a strong bond with her that was different than any other therapist I met. She checked in on me if I had a big event of something in my life coming up. She truly wanted to know how I was doing. In addition she didn’t press any beliefs on my but simply desired to align my body and mind with the beliefs I already had deep within me. This meant the world to me being a Catholic. 

I learned a lot about myself through her and feel that I can surf the waves of life now!! (Ironically my actual surfing skills did improve with her as a side note) a final thing to mention is that on day one, Heidi noted that we would know I was back in tune with my mind and body was when I had a proper menstral cycle (I had been without one for years and had not used any birth control methods) a few sessions before our last, I finally had a proper cycle.

Heidi embraces the grind day in and day out with and for her clients. She feels their pain, joy, and sorrows. I had an overwhelming sense of peace with life on my last few session and I can’t thank Heidi enough for all she did, and hope nothing but the best for her and her clients.


Heidi Seastrand and Neurofeedback have been the miracles we prayed for. After years of disappointment in standard medical and counseling treatments, my son, Stephen, has been able to turn the corner on depression, combined with an inability to focus or connect with others, and his tendency to self-medicate in order to feel better.

Heidi is a joy to work with! She brings enthusiasm, humor, intelligence and intuition to pinpoint issues and find solutions quickly, with a flare for fun. Stephen loved going for his sessions and developed a deep regard for Heidi’s input and help.

Have fun! When you work with Heid and FIREFLY HAVEN, you’re in for a real treat on the otherwise rocky road to mental and emotional health!

Randy S

My experience with FIREFLY HAVEN. has been completely positive. Although skeptical, I have found all treatments that I received my ADD symptoms to be highly effective in the ways promised.

Physical or emotional side-effects have been non-existent since I have began treatment.

My progress is vast and tangible. It has been a large, pleasant transformation.

Amelia, age 18

It is very hard to explain what Heidi does to you! You have to experience it to understand the feeling of release and being free!

I now know what it feels when my mom is with me. I know the pressure and feel of my mom’s touch. Heidi has brought the sparkle and shine out of me again.

She is one of a kind! No drugs, no medicine all good natural energy!

Laura R.

My children benefited greatly from Heidi’s neurofeedback sessions. Each session is specifically set up for the individual.

My daughter’s hyperactivity calmed down greatly and my son’s irritability, lack of focus and social skills all dramatically improved.

I have only positive things to say about this.

Karen T

Insecure and maladjusted describe my mental state before beginning healing sessions with Heidi. Like a zombie from the show The walking dead I met only primal needs. After Heidi’s therapy I have transformed into a more confident, happy and outgoing person.

Old friendships have been reestablished, new adventures are pursued and my life is balanced. Heidi counsels me both in person and on the phone. We have cleared chakars, renovated old belief systems and established goals.

Thank you, Heidi, for sprinkling the sparkle that makes my life shine.




Maryann L