Human Design

Your Human Design chart gives an overview of how your energy flows. It represents the blueprint of your DNA, your personality, and how they work together. You’ll recognize your genetic attributes and personality traits.

Each chart is unique and represents areas in your life where you are sensitive to other people’s information, and areas where you are consistent in your energy, and influence others. You’ll get a unique perspective of your gifts and learn how to navigate your challenges. 

By knowing your inner mechanics, you can respond to situations with strategy and authority. Your strategy is the way you move through the world and your authority is the best way for you to respond.

You’ll understand your life purpose and overall repeating life theme. Learn skills and new ways to reduce stress. By Identifying your potential hazards and pitfalls in your life you can maintain your natural flow.

You’ll appreciate why you are who you are and what you need to know to make your experiences in life more enjoyable. Say goodbye to depression and anxiety and hello to a new way of living with validation and purpose!


Neurofeedback Therapy   

During the intake session, we’ll review and discuss anything blocking optimal living including symptoms related to sleep, trauma, depression, anxiety, and focus.  After assessing data we’ll develop a personalized treatment plan that is specific to your needs.

Your brainwaves work like a symphony with different frequencies. If one frequency is out of balance the harmony is off. When brain wave chemistry is not working together symptoms are present. Relax into a comfy chair as you’re prepared for your neurofeedback treatment. 

Each treatment is customized to your needs for the optimum outcome. After 30 to 40 minutes of non-intrusive treatment, you gently return to the present feeling reset.

After we discuss your experience we then book your follow-up sessions according to your treatment plan.

Clients who are consistent with their treatments can count on creating radical results.


Intuitive Healing

Guided meditation offers lucid sensory development and intuitive healing. By enhancing your mental powers through connection and reflection, you’ll witness your thoughts and surf the quantum waves of expansion.

You’ll learn skills to trust the vision of your third eye and embrace what comes into focus. You’ll also access you’re inner wisdom and bring it into the spotlight.

Your unconscious mind is a multi-dimensional, electrically charged liquid machine that can change perceptions and priorities in an instant.

Through self-witnessing connections, you’re essentially observing yourself, and this process is what is enlightening you.

All energy and information can be embraced with ease once you become aware of the source, it’s interaction with your human conditioning is what you’re learning to surf.

I’m now offering infrared frontal lobe therapy.

It’s a new form of Neurofeedback. It senses and stimulates oxygen and blood flow to the frontal lobe increasing your ability to focus, be more organized and kick your executive function into peak performance.

I’m already noticing results in myself and my clients. I’m so excited to share this technology with people who are looking for more brain balance in their life!

Could you use more mental flexibility?

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Discover Your Best Life! 


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