Heidi Seastrand

Heidi grew up in Monterey County, California, and earned her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in Santa Barbara, with a focus on one-on-one therapy. She spent several years in social work, moving on in 2006 to open her Healing Studio.

Podcast on Neurofeedback 2017 | Karen’s podcast guest Dec 2019

In the course of running her practice, she added neurofeedback therapy, which she continues to practice with her clients today. Heidi actively pursues ongoing education in alternative healing methods, incorporating more non-traditional, non-medicine approaches for personal or professional transformation.

Heidi brings the transformational wisdom of her own healing to her clients. Living with extreme dyslexia and undiagnosed ADHD, coupled with a life changing kayak accident at 26, Heidi spent years in the exhausting study of traditional approaches, ultimately finding them tedious and ineffective.  This led her towards holistic and alternative healing methods, and she has continued her pursuit of these fields.

Relating to her clients’ healing processes with empathy, compassion, frankness, and humor is her gift. Heidi especially enjoys working with teens, young adults and their families, and is experienced in this area of work.

Before starting her own business, Heidi worked 4.5 years as an intern with Family Care Network, a non-profit agency in San Luis Obispo, providing individual and family therapy. She worked with the probation department in an Intensive Community Diversion program that provided support for first time offenders. She also worked with Wraparound services, a program that provided coordination and facilitation between multi-agency community services for at risk youth and their families.

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