Hi, I’m Heidi Seastrand M.A. owner of FIREFLY HAVEN, a Neurofeedback and Healing Studio in Grover Beach, California.

I’m dedicated to helping you feel better and to be successful.

I have a masters degree in clinical psychology and advanced education in neurofeedback therapy and various modalities in the healing arts.

I understand what it feels like to be ‘stuck’ in your life.

I’ve found that combining the modalities of Human Design, Neurofeedback Therapy and Intuitive Healing provides excellent structure with results in a short amount of time.

By knowing your human design, your energetic blueprints, I’m able to offer support that works specifically for you.

We will begin by taking an inventory of your present symptoms and custom tailoring your treatment plan for the best results. 

In the initial session you’ll feel supported, release stress and regain focus with a treatment plan that serves you.

Through training your brain with a non-invasive state of the art neurofeedback therapy you’ll reduce symptoms and make new neuro-connections. 

And with repeat sessions, these results are longterm.

My overall goal is to make sure you spark change so you feel good and thrive!


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