Neurofeedback Therapy, Human Design Coaching & Intuitive Healing!

I offers individual sessions and teletherapy to support your personal growth and healing for lasting change.

You are invited to a tranquil healing studio located by the Pacific Ocean in Grover Beach, California.

Neurofeedback Therapy

Neurofeedback has been a core part of the NASA astronaut training program since the 1950’s, used to increase brain power.

It successfully helps with pain, depression, addiction, ADHD, sleep disorders, and as a natural performance boost for athletes and business leaders.

Human Design

This self-awareness practice teaches us how to operate in alignment with our unique DNA, allowing us to make correct choices.

Leading to improved health, a positive outlook, better relationships, and fulfillment in your professional life. We learn to turn down the volume on our fears and stresses that are part of everyday life.

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive healing is a method that encompasses and works on the whole of the person – the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual level.

Therefore, intuitive healing helps us release the energy that is stuck in the body that is causing us disease, stress, pain, anxiety and depression.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

 You will always be accepted, treated like family and free to be yourself. We welcome all!

We offer individual healing sessions and teletherapy. 

Start Today!  Take the first step towards your new life.  

Heidi Seastrand Founder of FIREFLY HAVEN

Heidi Seastrand Founder of FIREFLY HAVEN



For over 22 years I have helped hundreds of people heal and achieve their goals. 

I’ve personally experienced disabilities and chronic pain.

After years of traditional approaches, I discovered my own healing through holistic and alternative treatments. 

With a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and an advanced education in Neurofeedback Therapy, Human Design Coaching and Intuitive Healing.

I am here to help you “Balance Your Vibe & Thrive“! 


Are you ready to experience greater health, passion and vitality?

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