Mikki Alhart

Mikki Alhart I am an associate of FIREFLY HAVEN, the Central Coast Healing Hub.

I offer a holistic resource, promoting Body – Mind – Spirit integration via Computer Biofeedback & Advanced Auric Sciences, with Vibrational and Energetic Medicine.

My premier service captures in Real-Time the Active Aura and associated Chakra Centers in full color motion with an analysis and explanation of each.

I am excited about being able photograph aura and charkas which give visible proof of our true energetic subtle field of our true essence. I will also be offering different energy education programs, aura and chakra analysis and healing through Reiki and other intuitive healing modalities.


   – Every Tuesday & Wednesday 11:00 – 5:00 
   – Weekly Meditation ~ Energetic Refresh – Every Thursday at 11:00 A.M. 

Throughout my career my focus has always  been on providing support and care to the community. It is part of what motivates and inspires me to use complimentary modalities of healing. 

In 1986 I received her Master’s Degree at Boise State University as a trained Cognitive Behavior Therapist, Dialectical Behavioral Therapist and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Additional training and education includes certified Hypnotherapist and Master Reiki Teacher.

As a Human Resources Professional, I worked as mental health counselor, program and treatment developer of programs for in-patient, out-patient, adolescent group homes, nurses diversion, private practice and non-profit in the field of Human Development.

I am currently teaching alternative healing modalities at the Ventura College. And have three decades of experience helping others integrate career, relationships, healing and spirit into everyday life.

After studing extensively and exploring many spiritual, psychological and self-help practices which I to transform my life and attain spiritual awakening. My professional and spiritual path has included many cycles of healing and releasing which radiates to others my love and compassion.  After working with literally thousands of people  at the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center, in San Diego California for thirteen years  – which totaled 165 clients daily for men and women.


Being an accomplished artist on the Central Coast. I am also a member of the San Ynez Artist Guild, Lompoc Valley Art Association, Los Padres Artist Guild and El Camino Art Association. Volunteers time and skills working with the Good Samaritan Organizations working with indigent, homeless and other charity organizations.

Mikki Alhart, Your DNA in Color


805 -260-3594