Lorne Johnson

LorenBeing a gentle, intuitive healer with many years of experience, Lorne Johnson combines the best ancient practices along with a modern day understanding of illness to bring you healing and potential for positive change, to help renew your life!

Helping many people discover improved well-being and peace of mind, some of the things he treats are: All types of Pain, Arthritis, Immune Enhancement and Emotional or Psychological issues. Among the therapies he utilizes to achieve these results are Acupuncture, Acupressure, Moxa (or Moxibustion, a heat therapy), Cupping, Herbology, Medical Qi Gong and Tui-Na Chinese Massage. All of these therapies combine into a synergistic approach, allowing a profound shift that can bring you to the next level in your health.

Having always had a deep interest and attraction to ancient ways, Lorne studied Eastern Philosophy in college. Later while attending Massage school, he discovered an affinity for instantly finding Acupressure points which greatly enhanced his treatments. After several years of offering Massage it was a natural progression to expand into becoming an Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Specialist.

Prime Meridian Acupuncture brings you ancient medicine for the modern world.

Call and schedule your first treatment toward transformation of your health and expansion of your being into who you want to be.

Prime Meridian Acupuncture
Lorne Johnson