Ginger Johnson

GingerAn Intuitive Guide, Ginger Johnson, assists people who are overworked and stressed, to feel restored and soothed into a state of bliss. In this relaxed space, clients feel safe, and gain a fresh perspective. Ginger shines a light on clients’ hidden gifts and challenges to better understand themselves, as well as those those they care for.

Sessions with Ginger may include Cellular Memory Release, Access Consciousness, nurturing tablework such as Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral and Aromatherapy. Expect to feel wonderful as the energy systems of your body align to support the NEW YOU!

Over the last two decades Ginger has committed herself to study, practice and teach the Holistic Healing Arts. She has collected a treasure chest of gems, from around the world, to help people release what they no longer need, and achieve their heart’s true desires.

Would you like some care for YOU (for a change)? Do you want to be nurtured to create all that you are meant to enjoy? Then now is the time to schedule a session with Ginger at FIREFLY HAVEN Urban Healing Retreat in Arroyo Grande.

Gift Certificates available.