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Human Design Coaching

1010479_1711677225777174_4564362072418100000_nAre you ready to finally understand why you’re stuck in the same place repeating the same lessons? Thinking if only I, he, she did something different…. Here’s the something different you’ve be looking for…Human Design!

Come learn, understand & celebrate your Human Design with….Heidi Seastrand @ FIREFLY HAVEN! The third Thursday of every month @ 7pm…..Take a leap….Learn to L.O.V.E. who you are!!

Sound interesting? Then this is for you! You’ll get new skills, awarenesses & tools to explore what’s possible with this awesome modality that Heidi loves to share! HUMAN DESIGN is a treasure map…it’s a mind blowing way to understanding how you operate both consciously and unconsciously…..BAM!!…The Treasure Map to Your Life! The road map… the instructions to how you operate and move through life! It’s true, it does exist!!

How do you get this road map? Through a scientific calculation using your birthdate information (date, time & place) and the blend of 4 modalities: Astrology, Charkra Sytem, I-ching, and Kibbalah…….Voila!….Your chart!…Your special road map is created and ready for you! Now that you have your very own map come learn how to read it…As an expert guide in Human Design, Heidi is excited to share & bring this knowledge to you through conversation, questions, examples & experiments!

Are you ready to explore & discover your Human Design?

To best assist you in looking at your design either: bring your design printed out, or message your NAME, BIRTHDATE, TIME & PLACE… Heidi @ 295.9417. Your Human Design Chart will be ready for you upon arrival!

See you there! ♥