Hi, I’m Heidi Seastrand M.A. owner of FIREFLY HAVEN, a mind and spirit sanctuary located in Grover Beach, California. I’m a neuro-psychotherapist who works in a genuine and authentic way. I have my master’s in clinical psychology and advanced education in neurofeedback therapy and various modalities in the healing arts.

I’m introducing a therapeutic concept called Quantum Surfing. I use combined modalities of human design coaching, neurofeedback therapy, and intuitive healing through guided meditation.

Quantum Surfing begins by following the flow of your human design and understanding your overall energetic blueprint. You’ll then train your brain with state of the art neurofeedback technology by making new neuro-connections through experiences and discovery.

You’ll release trauma, anxiety, and depression and regain focus. Begin trusting the flow of where your energy goes with a guided meditation. Find comfort in yourself and the frequency you transmit. Become comfortable in your own skin and access your full potential.

Judgment, fear, and intrusive symptoms are left behind as you enter into a state of self-acceptance.

Relax into your body and embrace all your imperfections as perfectly perfect.


The key to success is balancing your brain waves and waiting to respond while maintaining the frequency of self-trust, and gratitude. Come dial it in like a radio station and watch the results begins to appear right before your eyes.

Discover Your Best Life! 


Call or text Heidi Seastrand at (805) 295-9417 today!